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Client testimonials

All testimonials are anonymous and have been given by long term clients.

“My 13 year old was having severe seizures and never slept. After 6 months of treatment his left and right hemisphere were able to better communicate and he was able to sing for the first time ever. My other son that suffers from autism spectrum, drastically reduced the ticks and spams he had always experienced.”

“After working with Heather my sleep improved immediately, and after 6 months my overall demeanor and anxiety improved drastically.”

“My stomach condition caused me debilitating nausea, to the point where my entire life had stopped. I was unable to work, attend to daily tasks, or even take care of myself. Heather’s neurotherapy taught my brain to deal with the pain and the anxiety that comes with it. I am now able to live a fulfilling life and, have since been able to hold down a job and live independently. None of this would have been possible without Heather.”

“Neurotherapy has changed our daughter’s life. Through treatment, we started seeing immediate results in her anxiety and obsessive thinking. Heather was also able to determine that our daughter has ADHD, and after working on that her grades improved within two months. Our daughter is now a much happier balanced child.”

“Before I saw Heather I was stuck in a really lost and confused state of mind. After 4-5 months of treatment my feelings of confusion and mental fog went away. Heather was the only person to see what was wrong with my brain in its activity.”

“Within the first month of treatment with Heather my angry and depressed mental state shifted to a calm and confident one. Heather is a very compassionate person to work with and goes above and beyond in helping her clients.”

“My 11 year old son with anger issues experienced a total 180 in mood from when he started. His anger can now be redirected to a productive state in the classroom and at home. The difference in his mood is night and day from when he started treatment with Heather.”

“I started treatment 3 weeks ago for PTSD and anger management. I feel like this process is working because I feel much calmer and have better control over my emotions. Heather has been extremely supportive and validating through her methods of care.”

“After seeing Heather for 3 months I experienced less variability of emotion in the highs and lows of being bipolar. I am now able to look at my emotions in a perspective way. She was also able to reduce my anxiety so much that I could finally drive again!”

“My tinnitus improved significantly within the first week of treatment. The ringing in my left ear was unnoticeable and the ringing in the right ear dropped by half with time. Her help with my anger management and nervous breakdowns was huge. My memory also feels more refined.”

“Before treatment I suffered severe panic attack every time I drove by the location of my nearly fatal car accident. The treatment uplifted my PTSD symptoms, eliminated my nightmares, and now I don’t even notice when I drive by.”

“Before treatment I was at point where I felt like I had tried everything and ultimately lost hope. After the first couple treatments I experienced momentary relief from my auditory hallucinations and after 6 months the treatment really stuck. This treatment changed my life for the better and I no longer hear the voices.”

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