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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Upon graduation from UNR in 1991 with a dual major in Psychology and Social Work with a minor in Law, I immediately began my career as a provider in the field of mental health. I was very fortunate to have been a contributing member of the Mental Health Court Team in Washoe Dist. Court, a first of its type in the Nation.  I transitioned into the field of Neurotherapy in 2005 after receiving the treatment myself, due to a traumatic brain injury.

I am very active in the Neurotherapy/Neurofeedback Community and Partner with the world's top experts, in order to provide state of the art technology and to build a Team in order to strive toward healing a "broken brain".



  • Bachelor's degree in both Psychology and Social Work.

  • Neurofeedback of Southern Vermont certification.

  • Certified in CBT.


  • Trained in DBT by Marsha M. Linehan, PhD and Alan Fruzzetti PhD.

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